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Leah Finkelstein Feigning Composure


Leah Finkelstein has produced a very good release with Feigning Composure, one only has to give it a listen and it will wear on you. It is not an instant love affair but Leah grows on you. Like a person you meet the first time and you did not think much, but then you meet them again and you listen to them and heard what they had to say and you realized how good they really were. On this release with her keyboard driven sound, Leah is making fine music with tracks like Taking it Slow. Her vocals on this track are captivating like a siren on the shore she beckons to you, her chorus is just as infectious as the organ that drives the song along. Leah being a keyboard player hails back to the sound of Jackson Browne with her song The Tree is Shaking Again with its winsome, melancholy feel. She also writes songs that hint at the past, songs that remind you but only hit at what might have been. Songs like Waiting For a Good Day are well crafted songs that lodge themselves into your psychic and remain. Another track is a fine mix of country blues infused modern ballad with a soft acoustic guitar playing some nice slide and along with a pedal steel and carrying the melody is the infectious Mama Says Hi vocal chorus.
The simpleness of Leah works is the strength of her music. The hooks she employs in the melodies are infectious and inviting, warm and familiar. A little bit of rock and roll and a little bit of pop make for a solid CD release with a host of excellent songs that are sure fire hits. Songs like Taking it Slow, Waiting For A Good-day, She sings of life and living in the world like the rest of us. Sharing our similar experiences in her songs about lost chances and lies told to us. She answers the question just like most of us do. On the track It Doesn’t Really Matter the point is driven home to perfect example. Another subtle hit song, waiting for the public to hear. Showcasing the soft touch of her piano style. On Brooklyn you are reminded of of how good a songwriter Leah is with this modern R&B influenced pop groove, sophisticated without being overblown along with Hot Coffee, both are examples of sophisticated city music with its jazz/blues influenced piano work by Leah and her city living influenced lyrics. The last track 3A is very country influenced stretching beyond what most artist are willing. With is warm rich harmonies and the inviting simpleness of the song one can only only hope to hear more of Lean Finkelstein soon.

Erisa Rei Black Ball


When you look for new artist to listen to and you like music that mixes older rock and roll with a blues rock feel to it and mix in some singer songwriter songs. Then Erisa should fill the bill quite nicely with her impassioned odes to gypsies, home and life. Drenched in the sounds of traditional rock and roll and singer/songwriters, Erisa. has a dynamic vocal style with a nice warm feel to her vocals that are wrapped around solid songwriting. Delivering a excellent performance on tracks like Gypsy in the Desert, Black Ball and News to See. There is a quite mellowness to Erisa, on tracks, Like Dominoes and Pushed with there pop leanings in the piano singer songwriter style. She mixes a bit of Joni Mitchell with Laura Nyro and some Mystery to Me/Heroes Are Hard to Find era Fleetwood Mac. Dynamic and driven by the music’s edginess, the mellow vocals on tracks like Pushed and To Bleed are impassioned and heartfelt and pure pop. The only modern artist I can compare her to is Kelly Willis with the laid back feel they both have but vocally they are not really close as Erisas vocals are more dynamic in range with more of a rock edge to it. As I sit here listening to the tracks for the second time I am struck by passion she delivers on track after track. Heartfelt passion that is real, that reaches out to you with its simplicity. Maybe a bit like Lindi Ortega as well, specially on the track News to See with its upbeat poppy feel. This a very mixed bag CD and depending on your taste you could easily put this CD every day till you have worn it out. There is a quite solidness to the whole CD as Erisa mixes a wide range of styles into this release and she pulls each and everyone off quite nicely.
The biggest surprise on this CD is Cannot Change. in stark contrast to most of the release. Cannot Change is a rockabilly driven track that fits right into the Alt Country scene. Though some of the other tracks have a bit of country feel to them, Cannot Change is just a so different it stands out.

Day Old Funk


Day Old Funk has a rich and warm quality to their sound. With a name like DOF, you would expect a hard groove funk band but instead what you get is a very talented group of
acoustic rockers who have a true sense of pop music. With melodies that have warm rich tones not only in the guitars but also in the vocals. These guys work really well together mixing their own ideas of what acoustic music should be. Some really nice harmonies make them a delight to listen to. The songs have true pop melodies that can be traced back to their roots. Not really rock, not really acoustic, Day Old Funk relies on melodies instead of instrumental prowess. Drawing on influences as diverse as steel band and tin pan alley. Track after track changes direction from the track before yet they never seem to lose their cohesion as a band and come out of each track with a tighter sound. Singer Songwriter style songs like Song For Him and Summer End fit well in todays modern pop culture. Check out this link to help DOF play live at the Grammy Awards. http://www.facebook.com/TheGRAMMYs?sk=app_207367796002477&app_data=band%3A123%7Cg%3Aindividual_share_return