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Siobahn Hotaling-Heart on Fire


With each submission process about three to four hundred artist submit their material for inclusion in New Classic Music For Tomorrow blog.
In todays modern world of music so many artist sound so much alike it really is hard to find artist that are unique. After listening to hundreds of artist of all styles it has become more difficult with each submission process to find those few artist to write about. Not so with Siobahn Hotaling, with her strong vocals leading the way she has mixed different styles into a sublime package of pop rock.
Never pushing the vocals, instead her smooth steady vocals are subtle and have a excellent pop feel to them. In these days of artist trying to become heavier and heavier, Siobahn, takes the opposite approach with her easy going feeling for music. She is not a incredible singer by any means but she surely knows how to use what she has with great effect as she mixes her influences into her om amalgamation of music. Drawing on folk, blues, rock, country and pop Siobahn mixes these ingredients into a warm and engaging sound.
Siobahn is able to insert a dreamy quality to her sound that slowly digs into you brain.
Not foot tapping music by any stretch of the imagination yet with each passing track one realizes that another excellent song just ended and you were humming or perhaps singing along to the song. These are the marks of excellent music. It does not have to knock you down with the noise or loudness, no the subtle easy going feeling demands your listen not just feel the vibration of loud music. Normally comparable artist would have been named from the bygone years of long ago but this is modern music that has more in common with Taylor Swift or Adele. This is adult contemporary music that anyone from the age of sixteen to sixty will hear and enjoy. No matter if it is a sixteen year old soul who’s heart aches from the pain of first love or the fifty nine year old who is lonely and in need of love, Siobahn Hotaling shares your pain, as well as your loneliness, she shares your wants and your needs in her superbly crafted CD.
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CatsPark Face the Future ep


CatsPark Face the Future EP

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, CatsPark is a subtle mix of pop and rock music. Never quite breaking loose they remind one of bands like Lush and especially the Cocteau Twins with their full sound that bends and twist in unexpected directions. Faijee, vocals are dreamy and airy will lending a bit (phonetic tones) to the English words that give her voice a distinct vocal sound much like Bjork. Bits of dreamy pop with a laid back feel that swells into cascades of sound that reach higher and higher. All the while taking on a harder edge much in the vein of Loop yet they always returns to the pop origins of the music. Time to Quit has hints of Sade with the smoky female vocals but quickly evolves into a psychedelic, dreamy sound.
Though few submissions come from bands from this part of the world Cat Park is by far the best that have submitted to date. Many of the artists sound dated but not so with CatsPark. A mix of electronic, psychedelic, with bits of dreamy soundscapes that work exceptionally well as they create moods that have elements of rock, jazz, psychedelic which they combine into an airy mix of subtle sounds.
Faijee is a contuse singer for a new generation, sexy, rocking, mysterious, soulful. The band is equal to the task delivering on each track without over reaching or creating an overblown sound.
CatsPark is a fine new band from a part of the world that is not known for great bands but that has all changed. There is a subtle pleasure in listening to CatsPark that the Cocteau Twins also created with their majestic lp Treasure. CatsPark is not copying, no they are reinventing and with wonderful warm and fuzzy affect.

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Read the CatsPark Interview:

1. How many members are there in CatsPark and how long have you been together?

Now Cats Park has five people, we’ve been together as such since spring 2012.

3. When did you first start playing or singing music?

Alex: I started playing music when was 6, piano then other different musical instruments. And now for two years I’ve been with Faijee.

4. What are your earliest memories of music?

Faijee: When I was six, I remember a rythmic lesson at musical school, Tchaikovsky’s Neapolitan Dance…

5. Were you influenced by bands outside of Russia growing up? Which bands did you like the most?

Alex: We were growing up when Russia already became an open country so we had access to the most foreign music. Personally I was less interesterd in music produced in our country. Speaking about favourite bands, there are loads of them, they are all famous so I won’t reveal anything by naming them.

6. I hear elements of different styles of music combined into the CatsPark music. What are your musical influences?

Faijee: Jazz has influenced me a lot, it’s still the main musical basis for me and at the same time I was having an affair with rock. But style of music is something I am least interested in – mood of music that is what attracts me most of all.

7. In the late 80’s or early 90’s Paul McCartney released in Russia only (at that time) an album called Back in the USSR did you hear or listen to that lp and was it an influence on your music.

Alex:I am a big fan of Paul McCartney’s work and of course I ‘ve listened to this LP. Regarding the influence on our work… I don’t think it influenced it. Anyway his other albums have stuck in my memory more.

8. Your social background is so different to that of other artists we have spoken to. can you give us a bit of background of growing up in Russia and howyour music influenced your daily lives?

Faijee: When I was young my parents sent me to a musical school, which I am really grateful for. Eight years of playing chello and studying classics taught me feel nuances not only in music but in everyday life as well.

9. Do you think you will ever tour outside of Russia?

Alex:Unfortunately music sang in English by Russian goups is not very popular in Russia, so we don’t have much choice. Of course we will come to you!

10. When listening to your music it reminded of the Cocteau Twins and Sade have either of these artist influenced your music?

Faijee: It’s not the first time we’ve been compared with Coctaeau Twins. Frankly speaking I am not familiar with their music but definitely will listen to them. I’ve always liked Sade, I respect her both as a personality and as a musician.

12. What are the plans for CatsPark in the near future?

Very different plans.We are preparing for the recording of a studio album,carrying out ideas for our new video… now we are working on some of our material from last summer. Our main ambition is not to halt in our creative development.

13. Tell us a little about yourselves and what you do outside of music?

We sleep, eat, drink, walk, dream… the rest is music. It happens that all we do outside CatsPark is connected only with music. We must be lucky people!

14. From our perception in the USA, contemporary music coming out of Russia seems to be about twenty years behind the times if not more. Is that simply because in the USA we are not getting exposed to the best music coming out of Russia such as CatsPark or is it a reality you face daily living in Russia?

Faijee: There are many groups in Russia which may be intersting to foreign listeners. Unfortunately the reality is that such groups will never become popular in their own country as show business in Russia is far too close to corruption and creativity will never win over money in this case.

15. Who did you listen to growing up? Who are you listening to now?

Alex:I have listened to classics of rock for a long time and still keep discovering more and more new things in it. Then jazz and different ‘jazzy’ music with all its virtuosos, a bit of classics. Now I am interested in everything that is connected to the notion of ‘musicality’. Style is not important, perfoming can be not of a high standard, the main thing is magic.

16. Is there anything you would like to share with our audience?

We sincerely want to share our music with you. All we do comes from our hearts and if you’ve found a piece of yourself in our music – you can say we have become good friends.
Best Regards,
Cats Park

Tini Grey-Shades of Grey


Starting with track one, Turn Around you can hear the individuality of Tini Grey who has come into his own with this release Shades of Grey. Track two, Home Again, has a fun style that was popular many years ago. A bit of rock and soul music mix that soars and reminds one of music from many years ago. The third track Hold On delivers with its soulful vocals and harmonies. Tini Grey has a more soulful sound than most male artists heard today. It’s seems that he has listened to many soul records from the sixties and seventies and does an excellent job of creating a new sound that reminds one of the glory days gone by but yet soars to new heights with his rock solid groove and passionate vocals and excellent songwriting. Tini Grey is the most real soulful male vocalist heard in many years. Hold On gets your feet moving and urges your body to get up and move, much like the Style Council’s, My Ever Changing Moods and their great tribute to soul music.
Record Player is track five and its starts out with a slow bluesy acoustic guitar, with lyrics that ooze the soulful sounds of his vocals and push the song to its limit.
I Feel Lucky is a new classic track that really reminds one of songs like My Pledge of Love by the Joe Jeffery Group from 1969. Tini captures these old grooves and makes them sound brand new for audiences who most likely have never listened to the roots of soul music. With a bit of Tyrone Davis, some Bill Withers and some Gamble Huff style song writing, Tini makes music that is rich in history but not stuck in the past. Check out Just Smile, you can feel its groove taking you away. This is positive music, music that makes your smile, you might sing along, but you will want to get up and groove to the positive sounds of Just Smile
The track is smooth without being slick delivering heartfelt vocal which is not over processed so the truth and soul of the singer comes through. Record labels always seem to over process music these days. But Tini Gray has produced a solid rock and soul cd that offers plenty of soul with real emotions and honest music oozing from the grooves of the cd. Music is a magical thing and Tini Grey has captured one of the most magical music releases heard by a male singer in many years.
Weatherman lends its self to a more pop jazz sound which although well done, simply does not have the soulful sound of some other tracks but does show his versatility style, though this track has more in common with artist like Harry Connick, Jr. than soul artist of the sixties.
This is artist will bring smiles to the faces of many people who like the older styles and always say there is no good music anymore. Well here it is don’t waste any more time, don’t debate it, this is the real thing, go buy it today.
This is the best male vocal album of 2012 hands down. Not because Tini is the greatest singer but because he captures the soul of each song. Forget the Grammy awards, this is the real music you have all been missing.
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Shannon Marsyada Trio For You


Talent is a hard thing to deny, no matter what form it takes if the talent is there it simply can’t be denied. Shannon Marsyada Trio For You release has an inviting pop sound that I have not heard in many years. Never mind these overblown ballads or dance tracks by the latest diva when you can have the pure pop sound of SMT. Nick Lowe would be proud, so would all the sixties songwriters like Goffin & King, Holland Dozier Holland, Lennon & McCartney who wrote wonderful songs that fifty years later are classic tracks that ring in the history of music like a bell. Shannon is able to take her wonderful vocal in many directions with a superb sense of timing. This is a vocalist you are probably going to love or hate maybe not because of the voice but because of the style she employs with fifties and sixties harmony driven vocals. The songs are simple, keeping the melody enticing, inviting and Shannon plays the voice like an instrument that few can do, twisting and turning the melody into a dynamic and powerful statement of modern pop. Not afraid to rock the joint on Rock N Rolla she employs a harder edge but still keeps site of her ultimate goal. Shannon has one of most interesting voices that music has heard, with its expansive sound and her forth right expressions of emotions.

This is a fine female singer songwriter and time will show that Shannon Marsyada Trio are a powerful force. Not just some overrated pop diva but a talent that the universe needs to hear. Sappy Love Song is a hit record for pop radio and its not the only one. These are songs with substance and roots that are laid down deep into the psychic of the songwriting culture that has been missing from radio for many years and that is simply the music is fun. Like on the very last track I Just Want to Be A Kid Again. If you like the pop sounds of the Ronettes, the Crystals, the Beatles, and other classic pop music then go out and buy this CD and starting enjoying one of the fine new bands that will be considered a classic in years to come.

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Erisa Rei Black Ball


When you look for new artist to listen to and you like music that mixes older rock and roll with a blues rock feel to it and mix in some singer songwriter songs. Then Erisa should fill the bill quite nicely with her impassioned odes to gypsies, home and life. Drenched in the sounds of traditional rock and roll and singer/songwriters, Erisa. has a dynamic vocal style with a nice warm feel to her vocals that are wrapped around solid songwriting. Delivering a excellent performance on tracks like Gypsy in the Desert, Black Ball and News to See. There is a quite mellowness to Erisa, on tracks, Like Dominoes and Pushed with there pop leanings in the piano singer songwriter style. She mixes a bit of Joni Mitchell with Laura Nyro and some Mystery to Me/Heroes Are Hard to Find era Fleetwood Mac. Dynamic and driven by the music’s edginess, the mellow vocals on tracks like Pushed and To Bleed are impassioned and heartfelt and pure pop. The only modern artist I can compare her to is Kelly Willis with the laid back feel they both have but vocally they are not really close as Erisas vocals are more dynamic in range with more of a rock edge to it. As I sit here listening to the tracks for the second time I am struck by passion she delivers on track after track. Heartfelt passion that is real, that reaches out to you with its simplicity. Maybe a bit like Lindi Ortega as well, specially on the track News to See with its upbeat poppy feel. This a very mixed bag CD and depending on your taste you could easily put this CD every day till you have worn it out. There is a quite solidness to the whole CD as Erisa mixes a wide range of styles into this release and she pulls each and everyone off quite nicely.
The biggest surprise on this CD is Cannot Change. in stark contrast to most of the release. Cannot Change is a rockabilly driven track that fits right into the Alt Country scene. Though some of the other tracks have a bit of country feel to them, Cannot Change is just a so different it stands out.

Dream Chemistry Images of White


Dream Chemistry -Images of White sends one back sailing though time to when music seemed more in tune with the world around it. From the halcyon days of the San Francisco hippiedom with bands like It’s A Beautiful Day, Victoria and Stoneground who were taking a more acoustic approach to their sound, Dream Chemistry is well learned. In England, at close to the same time, bands like Pentangle, Fairport Convention and Fotheringay with their female vocalist tread similar ground. Dream Chemistry mixes a folk rock sound with a soft dreamy vocalist who meshes well with the easy going sound that the band produces. The songs blend together into a collage that pulls the listener along with each change in the musical style. There is no genre for this type of band.

They are more hybrids of sounds, Folk with rock music leanings or a dreamy trip into a world of the past. But Dream Chemistry has meshed their style into their own sound. With each track the vocalist gets better, with each track the songs get stronger and the musicianship is always top notch. Track five, Three Legged Horse, which is an instrumental track, pushes the thought home more than some of the other tracks at this point in the CD and shows the relationship between Irish jig and the English folk traditions. They are basically one in the same from an American point of view. But don’t get the idea that this band is not playing modern music. You Groove Me has a warm vocal feel that haunts back to the days of the female pop singers of mid sixties. Smooth and clear with warm tones that show the strength of the vocal quality, backed by a soft romantic quality to the violin and the acoustic guitar. Perfect Life is a pop track with a smoothness that few artists ever lay down in the studio. The guitar work with its swirling sounds and the wonderful vocal truly remind me of the aforementioned bands.

Here in 2012 where talent is left on the side of the road and hype is the key to success, now is the time to start listening to real music. Dream Chemistry is one soulful band that arrives at a universal sound that has been played before but not like this. The individuals bring that uniqueness to their parts that add up to a whole that few artists achieve.

There are many artists playing without a truly defined sound. Playing in bands and finding the right combination of musicians is as challenging as creating a musical release that truly captures what the band is about, yet Dream Chemistry have delivered on track after track. Destined not to be a forgotten part of the past without a hit single, the track Perfect Life will capture American listeners in ways the other tracks cannot because of their eclectic nature. Perfect Life is a modern pop hit that never loses sight of its place in the context of the overall band sound. This is a modern day classic release that you should buy and listen to right now today. In ten years people will be pointing back at this release and saying what a great record it was.

Day Old Funk


Day Old Funk has a rich and warm quality to their sound. With a name like DOF, you would expect a hard groove funk band but instead what you get is a very talented group of
acoustic rockers who have a true sense of pop music. With melodies that have warm rich tones not only in the guitars but also in the vocals. These guys work really well together mixing their own ideas of what acoustic music should be. Some really nice harmonies make them a delight to listen to. The songs have true pop melodies that can be traced back to their roots. Not really rock, not really acoustic, Day Old Funk relies on melodies instead of instrumental prowess. Drawing on influences as diverse as steel band and tin pan alley. Track after track changes direction from the track before yet they never seem to lose their cohesion as a band and come out of each track with a tighter sound. Singer Songwriter style songs like Song For Him and Summer End fit well in todays modern pop culture. Check out this link to help DOF play live at the Grammy Awards. http://www.facebook.com/TheGRAMMYs?sk=app_207367796002477&app_data=band%3A123%7Cg%3Aindividual_share_return