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Mobile Apps Grassroots Marketing Tool for Musicians


This blog has written about quite a few bands and a few other things, mobile apps to be specific. With each passing moment people find less value in music today than at any other time in my life. Gone are the days of flipping through albums to find new music to listen to. Now there are too many choices to be had. This goes back to the very reason I started this blog in the first place. With so many choices in music the general public does not have the time to find new music to listen to. Oh they hear what the radio plays but since most of the best music is never played on the radio. With the loss of value that was once placed on music now artist make more out of T-Shirt sales than cd sales and for indie artist, (which most are) that is especially true.
So the problems arise with so many artists to choose from, from so many sources to find music via the internet how does the public decide if they like something. Well believe it or night being told something is good by someone is a very powerful tool. If it comes from friends or acquaintances from work people tend to trust those opinions. Also music reviews are a very powerful tool for artist to promote their music. With over three hundred submissions for a review only twenty five or less is chosen for review by New Classic Music For Tomorrow, because there are too many artist who can’t meet the level of professionalism or they simply don’t appeal on a gut level.
How do mobile apps play into the every changing music scene? I asked the question a few weeks ago, do you think mobile apps will replace cds and mp3’s. Well the simple truth is they should. Web sites are great for hosting your music and making sales from places you might not have thought about. But now with smartphones and QR code technology you can add a mobile twist to the whole picture and though not free. They are much more effective at driving traffic and making sales than web sites with millions of bands to choose from. It’s simply too many bands for the average consumer to even consider searching anything below the top five pages since there is probably already more than enough music for them to listen to for six months at least on those top five pages.
Mobile apps are very important for indie bands future. I am convinced that independent bands can make a living using their own customized mobile app to promote, marketing and book their band. Assuming you are a working band and not just playing out once or twice a month. In essence the mobile app becomes your record label, your promoter, booking agent, PR, marketing and sales company all wrapped up into one bundle on your bands customized mobile app.
Seems cheaper than printing cds and covers, seems cheaper than paying internet sites to maintain fan signup list, seems cheaper than paying sites to sale your music, seems cheaper than printing flyers for shows and there is more. It also allows artist to market directly to opt in consumers who want to interact with artist and even companies. They want the latest news from their favorite band as soon as they can get it. When a band has a mobile app the information is sent directly to the fan who will have no need to log in, no need to remember as password, no they only need to opt in and download the app to their phones’ home page and they will receive all the latest news as soon as the artist either text blast it or simply updates the app itself.
From this point of view the mobile app simply becomes the new cd or mp3 from the band that has so much more for the fans to enjoy from the band, personal interaction, instant feedback what more could any band want. With fans basically carrying around your release on their phones they can share instantly with friends anywhere in the world. Fans become the word of might promotion with your app in hand building your network from a grass roots level. With so many millions of artist to choose from fans who are told how good you are by a friend and then they friend sends your app, this is a powerful word of mouth marketing that cuts through all the thousands of artist on web sites and in different web site charts and goes straight to potential fans mobile device.