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Siobahn Hotaling-Heart on Fire


With each submission process about three to four hundred artist submit their material for inclusion in New Classic Music For Tomorrow blog.
In todays modern world of music so many artist sound so much alike it really is hard to find artist that are unique. After listening to hundreds of artist of all styles it has become more difficult with each submission process to find those few artist to write about. Not so with Siobahn Hotaling, with her strong vocals leading the way she has mixed different styles into a sublime package of pop rock.
Never pushing the vocals, instead her smooth steady vocals are subtle and have a excellent pop feel to them. In these days of artist trying to become heavier and heavier, Siobahn, takes the opposite approach with her easy going feeling for music. She is not a incredible singer by any means but she surely knows how to use what she has with great effect as she mixes her influences into her om amalgamation of music. Drawing on folk, blues, rock, country and pop Siobahn mixes these ingredients into a warm and engaging sound.
Siobahn is able to insert a dreamy quality to her sound that slowly digs into you brain.
Not foot tapping music by any stretch of the imagination yet with each passing track one realizes that another excellent song just ended and you were humming or perhaps singing along to the song. These are the marks of excellent music. It does not have to knock you down with the noise or loudness, no the subtle easy going feeling demands your listen not just feel the vibration of loud music. Normally comparable artist would have been named from the bygone years of long ago but this is modern music that has more in common with Taylor Swift or Adele. This is adult contemporary music that anyone from the age of sixteen to sixty will hear and enjoy. No matter if it is a sixteen year old soul who’s heart aches from the pain of first love or the fifty nine year old who is lonely and in need of love, Siobahn Hotaling shares your pain, as well as your loneliness, she shares your wants and your needs in her superbly crafted CD.
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Erisa Rei Black Ball


When you look for new artist to listen to and you like music that mixes older rock and roll with a blues rock feel to it and mix in some singer songwriter songs. Then Erisa should fill the bill quite nicely with her impassioned odes to gypsies, home and life. Drenched in the sounds of traditional rock and roll and singer/songwriters, Erisa. has a dynamic vocal style with a nice warm feel to her vocals that are wrapped around solid songwriting. Delivering a excellent performance on tracks like Gypsy in the Desert, Black Ball and News to See. There is a quite mellowness to Erisa, on tracks, Like Dominoes and Pushed with there pop leanings in the piano singer songwriter style. She mixes a bit of Joni Mitchell with Laura Nyro and some Mystery to Me/Heroes Are Hard to Find era Fleetwood Mac. Dynamic and driven by the music’s edginess, the mellow vocals on tracks like Pushed and To Bleed are impassioned and heartfelt and pure pop. The only modern artist I can compare her to is Kelly Willis with the laid back feel they both have but vocally they are not really close as Erisas vocals are more dynamic in range with more of a rock edge to it. As I sit here listening to the tracks for the second time I am struck by passion she delivers on track after track. Heartfelt passion that is real, that reaches out to you with its simplicity. Maybe a bit like Lindi Ortega as well, specially on the track News to See with its upbeat poppy feel. This a very mixed bag CD and depending on your taste you could easily put this CD every day till you have worn it out. There is a quite solidness to the whole CD as Erisa mixes a wide range of styles into this release and she pulls each and everyone off quite nicely.
The biggest surprise on this CD is Cannot Change. in stark contrast to most of the release. Cannot Change is a rockabilly driven track that fits right into the Alt Country scene. Though some of the other tracks have a bit of country feel to them, Cannot Change is just a so different it stands out.

MIZ East Hope Avenue


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MIZ East Hope Avenue is an excellent blend of Rock, Country and folk into a wonderful sound of modern music. Folk without being bland, rock without being heavy and country without being stuck in the present or present. Blending these three styles into a modern amalgamation of sound. When you listen to music you search for your connection to the song, with MIZ you find it easily. With a sound rich and full much in the tradition of great artist like The Band, MIZ is the modern hope for a sound that seems forgotten in time but yet resonates down through the years of history like a beacon of hope to those who are lost in the world of charted music with its hype and lack of talent. October Skies open this CD with its harmonica playing against a rich melody. This song captures the full force of MIZ and takes the listener down a familiar path that feels safe and warm. The vocals are just different enough to make them inviting.

There is some fine playing and picking on this CD as well. Pen Y Bryn Road has a slight Celtic feel but may have more in common with a band like the Pogues without the Irish accent on the vocals. New Morning Sky is a modern love song that treads the land of Jackson Browne. The music is easy to listen to filled with excellent arrangements, a bit of soul and country mixed with pop. Miz is a blend of sounds that bring back the golden era of music for most baby boomer’s. Those magical years of the sixties to the early seventies when music made a dramatic change in direction this is the backdrop that MIZ pens his odes to. The days when the Rolling Stones dabbled in country, when music was played by musicians. A time when artist might play three or four different styles of music on their record.

Waste of Time is country rocker much in the vein of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and MIZ pulls it off effortlessly switching direction without notice and taking us down a path we remember from long ago. There are folk rock songs, singer songwriters odes, there are country rockers and sappy pop and its all MIZ. Reach out right now and play Heels of the Day, New Morning Sky, Waste of Time all are new classics for today. If you like Gov’t Mule, Greg Allman, Jackson Browne, The Pogues you’ll most like enjoy the sounds of MIZ New Hope Ave CD.