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The Hummingbirds Talking of Tomorrow


The Hummingbirds Talking of Tomorrow cd ep is a mix of styles, English folk with Americana. The Hummingbirds draw upon the rich resources of English folk tradition, Fairport Convention with its more rock edge and perhaps The Strawbs with their traditionalist sounds. Such songs as Back in Liverpool fit this mode. Then they do a one hundred and eighty degree turn and stoke up some Gene Vincent via Stray Cats rockabilly sounds that get the feet moving with it’s infectious sound on a song called Bankrupt Blues. The third track, Awaiting Your Call has more in common with the Beatles with it guitar sound and pop melody. The vocals are not as catchy but the elements of the Beatles influence is there as well as some other sixties sounds. Track four is Talking About Tomorrow is another track in the vein of English Folk Rock but you can also hear the pop elements of sixties artist like the Beatles drifting through the track. This small glimpse of what the Hummingbirds are about is a excellent introduction to a band that has much to offer.