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Shannon Marsyada Trio For You


Talent is a hard thing to deny, no matter what form it takes if the talent is there it simply can’t be denied. Shannon Marsyada Trio For You release has an inviting pop sound that I have not heard in many years. Never mind these overblown ballads or dance tracks by the latest diva when you can have the pure pop sound of SMT. Nick Lowe would be proud, so would all the sixties songwriters like Goffin & King, Holland Dozier Holland, Lennon & McCartney who wrote wonderful songs that fifty years later are classic tracks that ring in the history of music like a bell. Shannon is able to take her wonderful vocal in many directions with a superb sense of timing. This is a vocalist you are probably going to love or hate maybe not because of the voice but because of the style she employs with fifties and sixties harmony driven vocals. The songs are simple, keeping the melody enticing, inviting and Shannon plays the voice like an instrument that few can do, twisting and turning the melody into a dynamic and powerful statement of modern pop. Not afraid to rock the joint on Rock N Rolla she employs a harder edge but still keeps site of her ultimate goal. Shannon has one of most interesting voices that music has heard, with its expansive sound and her forth right expressions of emotions.

This is a fine female singer songwriter and time will show that Shannon Marsyada Trio are a powerful force. Not just some overrated pop diva but a talent that the universe needs to hear. Sappy Love Song is a hit record for pop radio and its not the only one. These are songs with substance and roots that are laid down deep into the psychic of the songwriting culture that has been missing from radio for many years and that is simply the music is fun. Like on the very last track I Just Want to Be A Kid Again. If you like the pop sounds of the Ronettes, the Crystals, the Beatles, and other classic pop music then go out and buy this CD and starting enjoying one of the fine new bands that will be considered a classic in years to come.

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Leah Finkelstein Feigning Composure


Leah Finkelstein has produced a very good release with Feigning Composure, one only has to give it a listen and it will wear on you. It is not an instant love affair but Leah grows on you. Like a person you meet the first time and you did not think much, but then you meet them again and you listen to them and heard what they had to say and you realized how good they really were. On this release with her keyboard driven sound, Leah is making fine music with tracks like Taking it Slow. Her vocals on this track are captivating like a siren on the shore she beckons to you, her chorus is just as infectious as the organ that drives the song along. Leah being a keyboard player hails back to the sound of Jackson Browne with her song The Tree is Shaking Again with its winsome, melancholy feel. She also writes songs that hint at the past, songs that remind you but only hit at what might have been. Songs like Waiting For a Good Day are well crafted songs that lodge themselves into your psychic and remain. Another track is a fine mix of country blues infused modern ballad with a soft acoustic guitar playing some nice slide and along with a pedal steel and carrying the melody is the infectious Mama Says Hi vocal chorus.
The simpleness of Leah works is the strength of her music. The hooks she employs in the melodies are infectious and inviting, warm and familiar. A little bit of rock and roll and a little bit of pop make for a solid CD release with a host of excellent songs that are sure fire hits. Songs like Taking it Slow, Waiting For A Good-day, She sings of life and living in the world like the rest of us. Sharing our similar experiences in her songs about lost chances and lies told to us. She answers the question just like most of us do. On the track It Doesn’t Really Matter the point is driven home to perfect example. Another subtle hit song, waiting for the public to hear. Showcasing the soft touch of her piano style. On Brooklyn you are reminded of of how good a songwriter Leah is with this modern R&B influenced pop groove, sophisticated without being overblown along with Hot Coffee, both are examples of sophisticated city music with its jazz/blues influenced piano work by Leah and her city living influenced lyrics. The last track 3A is very country influenced stretching beyond what most artist are willing. With is warm rich harmonies and the inviting simpleness of the song one can only only hope to hear more of Lean Finkelstein soon.

Dream Chemistry Images of White


Dream Chemistry -Images of White sends one back sailing though time to when music seemed more in tune with the world around it. From the halcyon days of the San Francisco hippiedom with bands like It’s A Beautiful Day, Victoria and Stoneground who were taking a more acoustic approach to their sound, Dream Chemistry is well learned. In England, at close to the same time, bands like Pentangle, Fairport Convention and Fotheringay with their female vocalist tread similar ground. Dream Chemistry mixes a folk rock sound with a soft dreamy vocalist who meshes well with the easy going sound that the band produces. The songs blend together into a collage that pulls the listener along with each change in the musical style. There is no genre for this type of band.

They are more hybrids of sounds, Folk with rock music leanings or a dreamy trip into a world of the past. But Dream Chemistry has meshed their style into their own sound. With each track the vocalist gets better, with each track the songs get stronger and the musicianship is always top notch. Track five, Three Legged Horse, which is an instrumental track, pushes the thought home more than some of the other tracks at this point in the CD and shows the relationship between Irish jig and the English folk traditions. They are basically one in the same from an American point of view. But don’t get the idea that this band is not playing modern music. You Groove Me has a warm vocal feel that haunts back to the days of the female pop singers of mid sixties. Smooth and clear with warm tones that show the strength of the vocal quality, backed by a soft romantic quality to the violin and the acoustic guitar. Perfect Life is a pop track with a smoothness that few artists ever lay down in the studio. The guitar work with its swirling sounds and the wonderful vocal truly remind me of the aforementioned bands.

Here in 2012 where talent is left on the side of the road and hype is the key to success, now is the time to start listening to real music. Dream Chemistry is one soulful band that arrives at a universal sound that has been played before but not like this. The individuals bring that uniqueness to their parts that add up to a whole that few artists achieve.

There are many artists playing without a truly defined sound. Playing in bands and finding the right combination of musicians is as challenging as creating a musical release that truly captures what the band is about, yet Dream Chemistry have delivered on track after track. Destined not to be a forgotten part of the past without a hit single, the track Perfect Life will capture American listeners in ways the other tracks cannot because of their eclectic nature. Perfect Life is a modern pop hit that never loses sight of its place in the context of the overall band sound. This is a modern day classic release that you should buy and listen to right now today. In ten years people will be pointing back at this release and saying what a great record it was.