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MIZ East Hope Avenue


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MIZ East Hope Avenue is an excellent blend of Rock, Country and folk into a wonderful sound of modern music. Folk without being bland, rock without being heavy and country without being stuck in the present or present. Blending these three styles into a modern amalgamation of sound. When you listen to music you search for your connection to the song, with MIZ you find it easily. With a sound rich and full much in the tradition of great artist like The Band, MIZ is the modern hope for a sound that seems forgotten in time but yet resonates down through the years of history like a beacon of hope to those who are lost in the world of charted music with its hype and lack of talent. October Skies open this CD with its harmonica playing against a rich melody. This song captures the full force of MIZ and takes the listener down a familiar path that feels safe and warm. The vocals are just different enough to make them inviting.

There is some fine playing and picking on this CD as well. Pen Y Bryn Road has a slight Celtic feel but may have more in common with a band like the Pogues without the Irish accent on the vocals. New Morning Sky is a modern love song that treads the land of Jackson Browne. The music is easy to listen to filled with excellent arrangements, a bit of soul and country mixed with pop. Miz is a blend of sounds that bring back the golden era of music for most baby boomer’s. Those magical years of the sixties to the early seventies when music made a dramatic change in direction this is the backdrop that MIZ pens his odes to. The days when the Rolling Stones dabbled in country, when music was played by musicians. A time when artist might play three or four different styles of music on their record.

Waste of Time is country rocker much in the vein of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and MIZ pulls it off effortlessly switching direction without notice and taking us down a path we remember from long ago. There are folk rock songs, singer songwriters odes, there are country rockers and sappy pop and its all MIZ. Reach out right now and play Heels of the Day, New Morning Sky, Waste of Time all are new classics for today. If you like Gov’t Mule, Greg Allman, Jackson Browne, The Pogues you’ll most like enjoy the sounds of MIZ New Hope Ave CD.