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Erisa Rei Black Ball


When you look for new artist to listen to and you like music that mixes older rock and roll with a blues rock feel to it and mix in some singer songwriter songs. Then Erisa should fill the bill quite nicely with her impassioned odes to gypsies, home and life. Drenched in the sounds of traditional rock and roll and singer/songwriters, Erisa. has a dynamic vocal style with a nice warm feel to her vocals that are wrapped around solid songwriting. Delivering a excellent performance on tracks like Gypsy in the Desert, Black Ball and News to See. There is a quite mellowness to Erisa, on tracks, Like Dominoes and Pushed with there pop leanings in the piano singer songwriter style. She mixes a bit of Joni Mitchell with Laura Nyro and some Mystery to Me/Heroes Are Hard to Find era Fleetwood Mac. Dynamic and driven by the music’s edginess, the mellow vocals on tracks like Pushed and To Bleed are impassioned and heartfelt and pure pop. The only modern artist I can compare her to is Kelly Willis with the laid back feel they both have but vocally they are not really close as Erisas vocals are more dynamic in range with more of a rock edge to it. As I sit here listening to the tracks for the second time I am struck by passion she delivers on track after track. Heartfelt passion that is real, that reaches out to you with its simplicity. Maybe a bit like Lindi Ortega as well, specially on the track News to See with its upbeat poppy feel. This a very mixed bag CD and depending on your taste you could easily put this CD every day till you have worn it out. There is a quite solidness to the whole CD as Erisa mixes a wide range of styles into this release and she pulls each and everyone off quite nicely.
The biggest surprise on this CD is Cannot Change. in stark contrast to most of the release. Cannot Change is a rockabilly driven track that fits right into the Alt Country scene. Though some of the other tracks have a bit of country feel to them, Cannot Change is just a so different it stands out.

The Hawkeyes


The Hawkeyes-self titled released on Broad Horizon Records

This band seems a mix between The Georgia Satellites and AC/DC.
With more of the leaning towards the GS. Southern rock with a harder edge on the guitar than most bands. This four track ep has two excellent tracks, they are Double E, 7 & A Quarter.
Each of these tracks are some of the best rock and roll tracks you will hear from an independent band. These two tracks are only a taste of what could be. In a world where louder is not always better this band delivers rock in roll straight to your feet. These are songs you will sing along to, songs you will play your friends, songs that you will listen to in ten years and realize how well they have held up to the test of time. The ultimate compliment to any artist is to write songs that stand up to the test of time its self. If this genre’s suits your taste then I would be surprised if you do not like this rocking group.
Joe is the second track on the disc and follows the same pattern and it also has a good hook but has a harder AC/DCish guitar edge as does Junior’s Night Out. The short ep gives a glimpse of what the Hawkeyes could achieve. Two of the four songs are excellent and are worth the price of admission, however it would be nice to hear a full CD which is also a real test for most artist to deliver twelve or fourteen songs in one package. After hearing the Hawkeyes four track ep, It’s seems soon we will listening to a excellent rock and roll release if this ep is any indication of what they have in store.