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The Serpent and the Apple Self/titled EP



This CD opens with drum samples providing a techno beat, mixed with electronic keyboards and bass. The track blends the repetitive beat into a flowing dynamic track with the addition of a driving rock guitar, as well as a hypnotic effect with a vocal that reminds one of Siouxie Sioux with its sing a long drone like qualities, combined with over lapping harmonies, the vocals reach new heights. Adding distortion to the vocals adds a darker edge to the overall sound. I’m Only Heartless to the Cruel is a hit in the underground dance clubs anywhere.
On track two suddenly with a quick left turn The Serpent and the Apple took what appeared to be a darker droning track and added a pure pop edge that makes the song accessible to most anyone who cares to listen and listen you should if you like your music with a more alternative edge yet still holding true to the formula of catchy melodies and unlike most alternative music, melodies you can remember.
The Serpent and the Apple are pulling together a mix of Techno, Alternative and Classic Rock music, no mean feat to say the least.
With dark brooding edges, mixed with soaring harmonies and with The Edge influenced guitar work as well as excellent catchy melodies, The Serpent and the Apple have delivered a well crafted EP. The biggest draw back to this CD is its too short. You want to hear more and there is none. So over and over and over it plays seeping into the gray matter like a hypnotic spell.
The three songs on this CD are all excellent tracks of powerful music. Few bands have the ability to write catchy melodies and to blend such diverse sounds of music together into such an inviting sound is rarely if ever achieved.

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Siobahn Hotaling-Heart on Fire


With each submission process about three to four hundred artist submit their material for inclusion in New Classic Music For Tomorrow blog.
In todays modern world of music so many artist sound so much alike it really is hard to find artist that are unique. After listening to hundreds of artist of all styles it has become more difficult with each submission process to find those few artist to write about. Not so with Siobahn Hotaling, with her strong vocals leading the way she has mixed different styles into a sublime package of pop rock.
Never pushing the vocals, instead her smooth steady vocals are subtle and have a excellent pop feel to them. In these days of artist trying to become heavier and heavier, Siobahn, takes the opposite approach with her easy going feeling for music. She is not a incredible singer by any means but she surely knows how to use what she has with great effect as she mixes her influences into her om amalgamation of music. Drawing on folk, blues, rock, country and pop Siobahn mixes these ingredients into a warm and engaging sound.
Siobahn is able to insert a dreamy quality to her sound that slowly digs into you brain.
Not foot tapping music by any stretch of the imagination yet with each passing track one realizes that another excellent song just ended and you were humming or perhaps singing along to the song. These are the marks of excellent music. It does not have to knock you down with the noise or loudness, no the subtle easy going feeling demands your listen not just feel the vibration of loud music. Normally comparable artist would have been named from the bygone years of long ago but this is modern music that has more in common with Taylor Swift or Adele. This is adult contemporary music that anyone from the age of sixteen to sixty will hear and enjoy. No matter if it is a sixteen year old soul who’s heart aches from the pain of first love or the fifty nine year old who is lonely and in need of love, Siobahn Hotaling shares your pain, as well as your loneliness, she shares your wants and your needs in her superbly crafted CD.
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