Dinah Thorpe & the Five White Guys 12


My friends Jennifer Thorington and Samual Markus sent this cd in hopes of a review for its release. Well upon listening to the first two songs one can’t help but laugh and smilie and enjoy the irrelevant humour of Miss Thorpe, this may be her biggest strength. This quirkness is charming and funny. She is a unique blend of Laurie Anderson and Woody Guthrie, with a bit of Nilson if that is even possible, thrown in for good luck. But yet of course she has to surprise you with her Every Bit Hurts with with its soul feel. Not every track is filled with humour, songs like G20 are a political comment that is brazen and in your face.
Dinah is best when she applies her talent when singing little folky ditties or a bit of electro pop feel. To the masses this will not be that appealing but to the underground culture in the world this will be as eye opeing as O Superman was by Laurie Anderson and on Tradesmen you can hear a direct influence.
The Slits are another artist that comes to mind when I listen to the minimialist approach of Dinah Thorpe. In the late seventies with the explosion of punk and as few years later as New Wave exploded onto the world scene Dinah Thorpe would have fit right in. So every college student today should call their station and demand to hear Dinah Thorpe and the Five White Guys. For those fearless and proudly independent personalities here is a artist for your generation; That you will find yourself tapping your foot, laughing and singing along to.
When boundaries are broken the masses cannot follow because they don’t have the capacity to understand that as musicians really anything goes. There is no formula to follow and there fore they have trouble understanding that when artist basically reject the accepted norm and forge their own path this is what makes the music such a success. Dinah Thorpe has forged her own way, albeit with some outside influences from the world around her.
Click the pic to hear samples or purchase.

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