Natalie Royal Savor


Natalie Royal-Savor is a CD by a young lady that has a soaring voice that is full of emotion, emotions of love, of pain, of bad decisions we all make. Bonnie & Clyde starts the CD with a bit of pop edge to it, which is easily a hit if given a chance. The next track Neon Sign is has more in common with say The Roaches or maybe Sandy Denny and of course Alison Krauss, with its a winsome and lonely feel. Neon Sign is a sure sign of maturity as the song could easily dip in to boredom by many other artist, however Natalie Royal turns it into a folk baroque sound that takes the listener on a journey of new sounds. Slow Down follows this formula showing the real power of this young lady. Her voice is crystal clear with a gently easy feeling.
The music has English Folk Rock feel with hints of Pentangle, Fotheringay or early Fairport Convention. Perhaps a bit of Emmy Lou Harris Poncho and Lefty era or again Alison Krauss. The next track Black Swan follows this style but adds a bit more rock edge to the baroque folk mix.
However Miss Royal is not a artist to follow only one formula and with track six, Regret. She proves just how dynamic she can be with a simple arrangement of string, tambourine and her soaring vocals.
The Borrowers turns the formula of folk baroque into a pop rock sound that transcends any genre and is simply a excellent musical composition. 3:12 seconds of music that should be heard by a generation.
When female singers want to measure themselves against the best singers of the time, then Natalie Royal will come to mind. Coming Clean returns to the folk sound that permeates this CD. Adult Contemporary music that is more than just fluff for the masses. Deluge has the haunting winsome and lonely sound of the Roaches with the vocals ringing into sweet harmonies of a old time feel, yet never does one really think of the music as old.
From Joni Mitchell, to Laura Nyro, The Pentangle, Fotheringay, The Roaches, The Fairport Convention that list of fine artist. Artist that are natural born musicians, singers or songwriters with real chops add this young lady to the list. Natalie Royal is a wonderful singer and songwriter pushing time down the highway without looking back.
Let’s Meet Again will fit perfect for USA Country Radio
The Borrowers is great forFM Radio, College Radio it will remind you of the vintage years but will delight with its freshness.
UK Audiences will love it as well.

Click the Pic to purchase or hear samples.

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