Sylvie Simhon Short & Sweet EP


In the early to late sixties the airways were filled with songs with a light and breezy feel to them, filling the day with positive happy sounds that made each day a bit brighter. Artist like Melanie, The Mamas & Papas, The Young Rascals, Scott McKenzie and many others as well as great songs by the likes of Goffin and King. Sylvie’s’ music has that positive sound ringing throughout her EP which makes it engaging and easy to listen to. She reminds me of the Shannon Marsyada Band with the catchy sounds on tracks like Summer Fling and Uh Oh with there pure pop edge. Sylvie is a very engaging songwriter. Not trying to write epic tracks that so many song writers tend to fall into, Sylvie is positive even when she being negative. She has a witty approach to many of her song ideas like in I Don’t Love You, which reminds listeners of Nick Lowe with its wicked sense of humor.
Dreamland is the most serious track on the CD up to this point, with a mix of swelling harmonies and a melancholy feel. Her wicked humor shows through again on the track Downhill From Seventeen. As this young lady develops as a songwriter I would truly expect she will start taking on the subject matter of adult life and her audience will grow.
Miss Simhon is a singer with plenty of room to grow with her rich voice. It appears she is a natural born songwriter who will make her mark on the world if people will take the time to listen. Though this CD is aimed at younger listeners, Folks who remember the music of the sixties will hear many things to delight their ears as well. We seem to live in a world without great melodies. We all know some of our favorite songs from the past and delight in hearing them over and over. Sylvie Simhon is a artist that fits perfectly in the ears of fans of this era. Light, airy, breezy, with wonderful flowing melodies that make you smile all though the day.
Her wonderful mix of light musical accompaniment and a sweet vocals bode well for her to take her music to a larger audience. Here is real music by a fine young singer with a real sense of melody and composition who has delivered a wonderful sweet EP of superb pop tracks. Good music is like a rare gem, If you can’t recognize it you can never find it.
Give a listen, Click the pic to buy.


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