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The Well Pennies self/titled ep


The Well Pennies offer up a delightful mix of folk pop, much in the vein of Donovan and others. The simple approach works well for the band as their vocal harmonies intertwine on the tracks into an easy going relaxing style. The vocals blend wonderfully together and each making the other vocals stronger.
Though described as folk the Well Pennies are much deeper that a folk band with their rich tight pop vocal harmonies that blend the rich warmth of their vocals into a weave of happiness, joy, pain and fun.
The catchy sound of Nothing To Do could easily be used in many of the TV or movies made today and it would be an excellent track to use. This band is putting out some fine enjoyable easy listening folky pop music. All the Pretty Girls is another wonderful folky pop ditty that would also work well in TV or movies. There warm and inviting sound is light and airy like such modern artist as Lindi Ortega with her track Angels. As this band continues to grow, they will forge a place in the music world for themselves and will have many fans to follow along.
However I don’t’ believe the Well Pennies will have a hit record because their music does not fit the Top 40 of today. But they are producing excellent music that deserves to be on the charts and would have been in the sixties when there was no music formatting. I can imagine the song Nothing to Do following the Mamas & Papas, Or the aforementioned Donovan on the radio, maybe right before It’s a Beautiful Morning by The Rascals.
Pretty lofty company if you are a fan of that era of music, so don’t wait enjoy the new sounds of the Well Pennies and you can hear excellent music again.
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