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Melanie Rose Dyer-The Long Way Around


Melanie Rose Dyer-The Long Way Around

From the beginning of this cd one is struck by the power of Melanie’s vocal style, Rough with a sweet edge, powerful without being over bearing. The first track on the cd is the rocking. First Time in Forever with its roots in the style of Bonnie Raitt, it captures a timeless sound. She follows it us with a bluesy rock ballad with a bit of soul full sax added for good measure. Melanie fools the listener time and time again with her intros as one thinks they will be soft rock ballads but they flow into a powerful time honored tradition of rock n’ roll. Never heavy, not to sweet, Melanie’s deep and powerful vocals swell above the music and soar to a warm an inviting groove. Track three is I Don’t Wanna Walk it follows the formula laid down in the first track. Roots from the by gone years of the sixties and seventies with a feeling of warmth permeates the cd from start to finish.
Melanie is not an incredible singer; instead she proves she is rock solid with many years of experience that shine though out the cd on various tracks. Her style is a laid back easy flowing sound that has a warm, inviting sound to it. While her vocals may not be incredible, they pull you in with their powerful individual sound. She reminds me of a mix between Peggy Lee with her pop origins and Bonnie Raitt with her bluesy sound.
Melanie Rose Dyer delivers a fine cd that is a worth owning. click the pic to buy it.