Myrna Riquier Momma’s Flowers


Myrna Riquier Momma’s Flowers

I grew up in North Carolina which is steeped in the traditional sounds of bluegrass and country music. Having lived in New England for a number of years you don’t hear this style of music as often but it still has a faithful following. Myrna D. Riquier is a songwriter who has written some fine bluegrass songs that sound like they could have been written many years ago. Myrna has taken a different route than most songwriters by using Nashville Session musicians to perform her songs. With the nondescript artist playing the music that Myrna has written we hear solid roots bluegrass music that is steeped in the traditional sounds, no new grass here. You would expect to hear The Coon Creek Girls or The Stanley Brothers playing this music to their adoring followers. The use of the Nashville Session players gives the CD a high quality performance that you sometimes don’t get with songwriters who put out their own demos.
Myrna captures the hopes and joys of life and living in her songwriting. The music is more traditional than most artists write these days and reflects that in the overall sound. The music sounds old and has a hauntingly familiar sound of artists like Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe etc. The CD is steeped in traditional bluegrass from many years ago. Lonesome, winsome and fragile, the songs Myrna has written are a joy to listen to and I hope to hear some artist record her songs and make them their own, which is the goal of every songwriter.
Click on the pic to hear samples and buy the cd.

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