Artist Success depends on the artist


I just wanted to talk about artistic success today and how very few bands take control of their promotion and marketing campaigns. It took me two full years to get our band near the top of the search engines (without spending money but lots of time). Personally I think twitter, myspace and facebook are generally a waste of time for most artist. I am sure some have had some success but I don’t feel like our band, Southern Yankee has any success at all on these sites. I am learning every day that most people do not want to hear any new artist, they have to many to choose from now. While this seems that the current trend is to use web sites and social networking which I feel has a very limited impact on the sales of artist cds or merchandise or getting people out to shows.
With the advent of smart phones the new paradigm is mobile marketing. Sites like are leading the way with their innovative use of mobile marketing. Phone apps for bands, solo artist, painters, personalities as well as some types of business. Within a few years web sites will be obsolete and since fewer and fewer people read emails anymore at all, or at least not for several days, mobile marketing will move to the fore front of artist promotion and in fact most promotions for larger companies is already moving that way, since they can afford to have apps built. Now you to are able to afford a customized app for your band so that you to can promote directly to your fans. Check out the site at or email me your phone number and I will send over a sample app for you to check out.
This personalized promotion makes a more personal contact with your fans, ensuring they feel more connected to you.
Don’t be left using 20th century ideas when you are able to use 21st century technology today.


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