The Evangenitals Self titled debut CD


From the very beginning of this CD, with the track Hello The Evangenitals bands offers up a bluegrass pop influenced sound that has a hauntingly winsomeness to it. Music that soars into happy highs and flows down into a quite and warm sound. Steeped in the art of songwriting The Evangenitals winsome sound comes out on Hard Luck Song as a sort of new country folk rock amalgamation that flows along with the high harmonies and a fiddle that hints at the loneliness of the music. But yet there is a upbeat feel to the songs that blends the aforementioned styles into their own unique offering of musical sound. Somewhere between The Roaches and The Strawbs you will find the Evangenitals. Juli Crockett’s voice reminds me of a old obscure singer, Kathy Gregory with her soaring sing along sound. This a fine blend of bluegrass and folk music from years ago. The history lesson the Evangenitals are teaching is that music never gets old if it is made your own. The Evangenitals don’t reinvent anything they merely offer an updated version with a few more options. Home has that Will the Circle Be Unbroken feel to it. Not as winsome and more fun and upbeat but the sing along style works well on this track.
So Sweet is a delightful easy going song with a happy feel that is reminiscent of the late sixties and early seventies with artist like the Melanie, Brand New Key or modern artist like Lindi Ortega. Simple works well on this song with its fun melody.
Bad Town is a straight up modern take off of classic up tempo bluegrass that never looses sight of its roots. I’m Sad captures the winsomeness of the CD better than any other track. Making you happy and sad at the same time. The vocals lonely and sad, the music easy going and rich in tradition of all the styles mixed into a modern formula.
I surely hope this band changes it name to something that main stream can handle because this is a CD that recaptures that glory of pop music of the past and creates a modern day classic. This music has staying power, the strength to be listened to over the years and stand up to the test of time. Singers like Melanie, Linda Ronstadt, who’s music has stood the test of time because it is timeless and that is due to the great songwriting, arrangements and musical performance such is the power of The Evangenitals.
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