The Houndstooth Bindles-self/titled ep


Foot stomping, hand clapping music is the best way to describe Houndstooth Bindles. Way up in the hollers of the mountains this is what you hear on Friday or Saturday night when friends are gathered round to have a few drinks of dew and maybe smoke a few and just having some fun picking and playing. Steeped in the traditional sounds of bluegrass but adding a more jug band style with a very modern day punk “piss off” attitude to the mix. When you expect to hear great vocals you don’t, When you expect to hear good music you do. There is a attitude that abounds in bands like Houndstooth Bindles who don’t really care if you like them or not. Oh they would prefer that you did but with their offbeat attitude it makes you want to like them even when you think better of it. Virginia has a very old time feel to her vocals that reminds me of Mother Maybelle Carter or maybe the New Coon Creek Girls. Virginia’s old time voice and hillbilly persona and add warm charm to a rustic sound and oh what a sound it is. Picking and playing that starts your feet moving and your hands clapping. The same goes for Nick his vocals are very typical and fit the music like a glove. Remember we are sitting on the porch with a bunch of friends having a bit of “white lightning” and smoking a few and picking and playing and having fun on a Saturday night. Ya’ll have a good time.
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