The Great Unknowns-Homefront


This is a good name for this band, hell you never know if you are going to get a Loretta Lynn drenched country song or a soul influenced rock track such as A Bad Way. Becky Warren and the band travel a musical road that few others can walk. The path is wide as this band brings the familiar sounds of several genre’s together with equal ease. The individuality of Becky Warren is the driving force behind this band. Her vocals carry the attitude of the songs with their haunting yet hopeful despair. You can hear elements of the blues in tracks like By the Time You Get to Texas. There is a melancholy edge to Becky’s vocals as she sings her songs, she brings the emotions to the fore front of the bands sound which has a laid back style.
Mixing country, blues and rock and roll, The Great Unknowns offer a mixed bag for listeners with a sound of their own. When you listen to The Great Unknowns it might remind you of Lucinda Williams or maybe Kelly Willis but Becky brings her own uniqueness to the songs by blending the various styles together. The sound of real music permeates the Homefront CD, not this fake stuff you hear on the radio. Music with substance that has staying power even in the face of the awful popular music of today. Down home and sophisticated Becky Warren delivers on track after track with her easy going vocal style without ever a hint of urgency.
The Great Unknowns are putting out some of the best new music in this Alt Country, Americana scene as she blends the folk, bluegrass, country, blues and rock and roll into a classic sound of powerful music that keeps you listening track after track. The subtle use of different instruments on different tracks keeps the tracks changing and moving forward that draws the listener in deeper with each song that finishes playing. From the days of great music the roots were laid and now years later The Great Unknowns take up the torch and release a warm and inviting release that will be listened to for many years, with its roots in the past but its sound warm and inviting today.
This band sent me their first CD as well and its called Presenting the Great Unknowns and it to is just as enjoyable as this one. The band laid the foundation with their first release, they have built the rest of the house with the excellent Homefront follow-up CD.


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