Chloe Dolandis Bring Back the Fever


If you like to dance then Chloe will get you moving. Click picture to buy

Bring Back the Fever by Chloe Dolandis gets your feet tapping right from the beginning with Let’s Make this Moment. This is a rocking’, swinging track that has a excellent groove for dancing and I could see this being a hit in clubs every where. Dance music that has substance and a excellent groove, with horns accentuating the groove and the band flat out rocking’ to the beat. The solid groove laid down by the bass and drums and the fine vocal performance from Chloe make this a hit song waiting to be heard. Track two Solid Woman has more of the Stax/Volt soul groove approach that was laid down back in the late sixties and early seventies. Pure R&B with a solid arrangement that does its predecessors proud. Chloe hits the groove the way Betty Wright did in Clean Up Woman, the way Aretha did Respect. Not quite as gritty as the aforementioned artist but with her own sound Chloe rocks the song.

This is the sound that is missing from music today. Josh Stone attempted this on her first release but Chloe Dolandis has taken up the torch that Joss dropped when she moved into a more modern pop sound. Give Chloe credit to go against the grain of hip/hop/rap, that seems nothing but a beat to dance to. Passion is lost when the vocals are not sung out. Check out Don’t Call Me funky dance groove, that blends the sounds of jazz ala Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express with its solid groove. Chloe shows her roots on track four with its pop styling. The use of the harmonica as the lead instrument is something you don’t hear much anymore and its works well in the track giving it a light airy feel. Track five Bring Back the Fever is a bouncy fun dance track that would have been a hit in the disco era of the seventies. It is a modern day Donna Summer style dance track but though it has a retro groove it never falls into a the trap of sounding dated. It creates its own unique groove that will keep your feet moving till the track ends. New Suit also follows the style with excellent effect.

So put away the hip hop, put away the rap and put on this record and dance your ass off to the infectious beats of this excellent CD. Girl Can Wait has the groove to make you move. This CD is split fairly equally with rocking dance tracks and ballads. Her ballads remind me of Sarah Vaughn meets Doris Day pop jazz vocals of the fifties. Chloe’s strength is her ability to rock the house and I hope the next CD is more to that flavor. In the mean time start spinning the hit’s Let’s Make This Moment, Bring Back the Fever, Girl Can Wait that all get your feet moving and dancing the night away.


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