Deanna Cartea – Open Road


The title track Open Road starts out this cd, with its smoking slide blues providing the guts to a rocking song. As Deanna provides a silky smooth vocal track that belies the steaming slide guitar. A bit of Shelby Lynne feel with the breathy vocals that oozes sexuality.
Song on the Radio is the second track and it has a honest folksy feel but moves beyond the staid sound of many folk artist and incorporates and more rocking beat to propel the song along. Sort of a mix between 60’s folk and pop. Robot is a track that is pure pop, The vocals have a Marilyn Monroeish sound to them, breathy and sexy as well as hints of late sixties artist like Melanie. Even hints of Bjork pop up on occasion. Deanna holds the songs true to her vision of music and with excellent results song after song. Crossing musical boundaries with a vision for each track. It’s Another Day is a pop track that could easily hit the radio with its warm feel and commercialism. One More Time uses the slide guitar to nice effect again, though the track has more of country feel with vocals that are easy going. In for the Night follows the same pattern with the easy going feel working well with Deanna vocals, She has much in common with Shelby Lynne and I believe a lot of Shelby fans would enjoy this release very much. Though I have compared Miss Cartea to several other artist she is her own woman. Her sound is her own with excellent results.
Tears Don’t Lie is the most likely hit record on the release in the culture of modern music today. It is a fine ballad that uses a soft subtly blending of instruments and vocals to produce a memorable piece of modern pop.
On the Edge is the last track which is a smooth and warm song with hints of old country but adds a bluesy rocking edge to the sound. Deanna’s smooth vocals fit well with the winsome sound of the music and you can feel the heavy emotion she sings about.
Deanna Cartea Open Road is a solid, warm release with song after song of enjoyable tracks, no matter if its the rocking bluesy feel of Open Read or the pure pop of Tears Don’t Lie or the bluesy alt country of On the Edge, she delivers a top quality release.

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