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Chloe Dolandis Bring Back the Fever


If you like to dance then Chloe will get you moving. Click picture to buy

Bring Back the Fever by Chloe Dolandis gets your feet tapping right from the beginning with Let’s Make this Moment. This is a rocking’, swinging track that has a excellent groove for dancing and I could see this being a hit in clubs every where. Dance music that has substance and a excellent groove, with horns accentuating the groove and the band flat out rocking’ to the beat. The solid groove laid down by the bass and drums and the fine vocal performance from Chloe make this a hit song waiting to be heard. Track two Solid Woman has more of the Stax/Volt soul groove approach that was laid down back in the late sixties and early seventies. Pure R&B with a solid arrangement that does its predecessors proud. Chloe hits the groove the way Betty Wright did in Clean Up Woman, the way Aretha did Respect. Not quite as gritty as the aforementioned artist but with her own sound Chloe rocks the song.

This is the sound that is missing from music today. Josh Stone attempted this on her first release but Chloe Dolandis has taken up the torch that Joss dropped when she moved into a more modern pop sound. Give Chloe credit to go against the grain of hip/hop/rap, that seems nothing but a beat to dance to. Passion is lost when the vocals are not sung out. Check out Don’t Call Me funky dance groove, that blends the sounds of jazz ala Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express with its solid groove. Chloe shows her roots on track four with its pop styling. The use of the harmonica as the lead instrument is something you don’t hear much anymore and its works well in the track giving it a light airy feel. Track five Bring Back the Fever is a bouncy fun dance track that would have been a hit in the disco era of the seventies. It is a modern day Donna Summer style dance track but though it has a retro groove it never falls into a the trap of sounding dated. It creates its own unique groove that will keep your feet moving till the track ends. New Suit also follows the style with excellent effect.

So put away the hip hop, put away the rap and put on this record and dance your ass off to the infectious beats of this excellent CD. Girl Can Wait has the groove to make you move. This CD is split fairly equally with rocking dance tracks and ballads. Her ballads remind me of Sarah Vaughn meets Doris Day pop jazz vocals of the fifties. Chloe’s strength is her ability to rock the house and I hope the next CD is more to that flavor. In the mean time start spinning the hit’s Let’s Make This Moment, Bring Back the Fever, Girl Can Wait that all get your feet moving and dancing the night away.

Dream Chemistry Images of White


Dream Chemistry -Images of White sends one back sailing though time to when music seemed more in tune with the world around it. From the halcyon days of the San Francisco hippiedom with bands like It’s A Beautiful Day, Victoria and Stoneground who were taking a more acoustic approach to their sound, Dream Chemistry is well learned. In England, at close to the same time, bands like Pentangle, Fairport Convention and Fotheringay with their female vocalist tread similar ground. Dream Chemistry mixes a folk rock sound with a soft dreamy vocalist who meshes well with the easy going sound that the band produces. The songs blend together into a collage that pulls the listener along with each change in the musical style. There is no genre for this type of band.

They are more hybrids of sounds, Folk with rock music leanings or a dreamy trip into a world of the past. But Dream Chemistry has meshed their style into their own sound. With each track the vocalist gets better, with each track the songs get stronger and the musicianship is always top notch. Track five, Three Legged Horse, which is an instrumental track, pushes the thought home more than some of the other tracks at this point in the CD and shows the relationship between Irish jig and the English folk traditions. They are basically one in the same from an American point of view. But don’t get the idea that this band is not playing modern music. You Groove Me has a warm vocal feel that haunts back to the days of the female pop singers of mid sixties. Smooth and clear with warm tones that show the strength of the vocal quality, backed by a soft romantic quality to the violin and the acoustic guitar. Perfect Life is a pop track with a smoothness that few artists ever lay down in the studio. The guitar work with its swirling sounds and the wonderful vocal truly remind me of the aforementioned bands.

Here in 2012 where talent is left on the side of the road and hype is the key to success, now is the time to start listening to real music. Dream Chemistry is one soulful band that arrives at a universal sound that has been played before but not like this. The individuals bring that uniqueness to their parts that add up to a whole that few artists achieve.

There are many artists playing without a truly defined sound. Playing in bands and finding the right combination of musicians is as challenging as creating a musical release that truly captures what the band is about, yet Dream Chemistry have delivered on track after track. Destined not to be a forgotten part of the past without a hit single, the track Perfect Life will capture American listeners in ways the other tracks cannot because of their eclectic nature. Perfect Life is a modern pop hit that never loses sight of its place in the context of the overall band sound. This is a modern day classic release that you should buy and listen to right now today. In ten years people will be pointing back at this release and saying what a great record it was.

The Hummingbirds Talking of Tomorrow


The Hummingbirds Talking of Tomorrow cd ep is a mix of styles, English folk with Americana. The Hummingbirds draw upon the rich resources of English folk tradition, Fairport Convention with its more rock edge and perhaps The Strawbs with their traditionalist sounds. Such songs as Back in Liverpool fit this mode. Then they do a one hundred and eighty degree turn and stoke up some Gene Vincent via Stray Cats rockabilly sounds that get the feet moving with it’s infectious sound on a song called Bankrupt Blues. The third track, Awaiting Your Call has more in common with the Beatles with it guitar sound and pop melody. The vocals are not as catchy but the elements of the Beatles influence is there as well as some other sixties sounds. Track four is Talking About Tomorrow is another track in the vein of English Folk Rock but you can also hear the pop elements of sixties artist like the Beatles drifting through the track. This small glimpse of what the Hummingbirds are about is a excellent introduction to a band that has much to offer.

Day Old Funk


Day Old Funk has a rich and warm quality to their sound. With a name like DOF, you would expect a hard groove funk band but instead what you get is a very talented group of
acoustic rockers who have a true sense of pop music. With melodies that have warm rich tones not only in the guitars but also in the vocals. These guys work really well together mixing their own ideas of what acoustic music should be. Some really nice harmonies make them a delight to listen to. The songs have true pop melodies that can be traced back to their roots. Not really rock, not really acoustic, Day Old Funk relies on melodies instead of instrumental prowess. Drawing on influences as diverse as steel band and tin pan alley. Track after track changes direction from the track before yet they never seem to lose their cohesion as a band and come out of each track with a tighter sound. Singer Songwriter style songs like Song For Him and Summer End fit well in todays modern pop culture. Check out this link to help DOF play live at the Grammy Awards.

The Hawkeyes


The Hawkeyes-self titled released on Broad Horizon Records

This band seems a mix between The Georgia Satellites and AC/DC.
With more of the leaning towards the GS. Southern rock with a harder edge on the guitar than most bands. This four track ep has two excellent tracks, they are Double E, 7 & A Quarter.
Each of these tracks are some of the best rock and roll tracks you will hear from an independent band. These two tracks are only a taste of what could be. In a world where louder is not always better this band delivers rock in roll straight to your feet. These are songs you will sing along to, songs you will play your friends, songs that you will listen to in ten years and realize how well they have held up to the test of time. The ultimate compliment to any artist is to write songs that stand up to the test of time its self. If this genre’s suits your taste then I would be surprised if you do not like this rocking group.
Joe is the second track on the disc and follows the same pattern and it also has a good hook but has a harder AC/DCish guitar edge as does Junior’s Night Out. The short ep gives a glimpse of what the Hawkeyes could achieve. Two of the four songs are excellent and are worth the price of admission, however it would be nice to hear a full CD which is also a real test for most artist to deliver twelve or fourteen songs in one package. After hearing the Hawkeyes four track ep, It’s seems soon we will listening to a excellent rock and roll release if this ep is any indication of what they have in store.

Deanna Cartea – Open Road


The title track Open Road starts out this cd, with its smoking slide blues providing the guts to a rocking song. As Deanna provides a silky smooth vocal track that belies the steaming slide guitar. A bit of Shelby Lynne feel with the breathy vocals that oozes sexuality.
Song on the Radio is the second track and it has a honest folksy feel but moves beyond the staid sound of many folk artist and incorporates and more rocking beat to propel the song along. Sort of a mix between 60’s folk and pop. Robot is a track that is pure pop, The vocals have a Marilyn Monroeish sound to them, breathy and sexy as well as hints of late sixties artist like Melanie. Even hints of Bjork pop up on occasion. Deanna holds the songs true to her vision of music and with excellent results song after song. Crossing musical boundaries with a vision for each track. It’s Another Day is a pop track that could easily hit the radio with its warm feel and commercialism. One More Time uses the slide guitar to nice effect again, though the track has more of country feel with vocals that are easy going. In for the Night follows the same pattern with the easy going feel working well with Deanna vocals, She has much in common with Shelby Lynne and I believe a lot of Shelby fans would enjoy this release very much. Though I have compared Miss Cartea to several other artist she is her own woman. Her sound is her own with excellent results.
Tears Don’t Lie is the most likely hit record on the release in the culture of modern music today. It is a fine ballad that uses a soft subtly blending of instruments and vocals to produce a memorable piece of modern pop.
On the Edge is the last track which is a smooth and warm song with hints of old country but adds a bluesy rocking edge to the sound. Deanna’s smooth vocals fit well with the winsome sound of the music and you can feel the heavy emotion she sings about.
Deanna Cartea Open Road is a solid, warm release with song after song of enjoyable tracks, no matter if its the rocking bluesy feel of Open Read or the pure pop of Tears Don’t Lie or the bluesy alt country of On the Edge, she delivers a top quality release.

In the New Year 2012 New Classic Music for Tomorrow is looking for new artist to review


If you wish to submit your material for review simply contact me via the blog and I will give you a mailing address. I prefer full length releases to review. I Do Not review hiphop/rap/ trance/techno/ dj/dance/most jazz/hard rock/metal/progressive metal/death metal.
contact me if you are not sure and send a link I will get back to you. You can also submit via Sonicbids.

Ashley Jordan Liquid Words


Ashley Jordan’s, Liquid Words is a CD that pulls the influences of country, folk and pop into a mesh of sounds that has a heart felt honesty to it. A new country sound that hints at the old music not played by many artists today something that is not lost on Ashley. She employs the old traditional instruments, banjo, fiddle, pedal steel that holds true to some of the older country sounds. This gives the music warmth that is lost on many of the newer pop country artist who are losing touch with the roots of country without even realizing it. However, Miss Jordan is not just a country singer; Framed and In a White Room are pure pop ballads without any trace of country at all.
The tracks show the many influences of Ashley as she follows in the footsteps of tried and true pop musical forms.
The real strength of Liquid Words is the songs that have their roots in country or folk. Get On Home fits in the world quite nicely with its pedal steel ringing that gives the song a down-home feeling.
A winsome, lonely sound, her songs have much in common with folk music or singer songwriter’s as well as country and pop. The simple approach of Liquid Words fills the speakers with songs of angst and songs of hope. This simple production works to great effect though out the release, the music is never overblown or over produced like so many other artist. Ashley Jordan’s Liquid Works is a hint if what is to come from this emerging new artist.