Brother Magnum & the Razor Bumps Fire and Steel


Brother Magnum and the Razor Bumps lay it down like the Stax/Volt Revue with their driving rocking rhythm and blues sound. Love Me Woman captures the rocking sound in all its glory. Fire and Steel keeps it rolling with its mix of a more rock sound with the rhythm and blues with some slide guitar and horns accenting the rocking groove of the music. The slide guitar takes center stage on the solo and keeps you foot moving to the beat. Brother Magnum voice is a typical vocal for this style that has a gritty edge to it. Brother Magnum is not afraid to challenge the listener with the power of Third Degree Love Burns and its rock blues sound, with its hints of SRV.
On track, five Thank You, Brother Magnum shows just how diverse he is. This track has much more in common with sixties soul and country, than the blues.
Feel Good will remind you of the aforementioned Stax/Volt sound with the horns, female back up harmony, and the rocking groove of the song. This is followed up by Damn Me with its Ska feel. Brother Magnum offers more variety on this CD than nearly any artist of this style does. With his jump beats, rocking grooves and his upbeat positive sound that keeps your feet moving song after song Brother Magnum and his Razor Bumps is the typical chitin band. Rocking the clubs night after night, anywhere and everywhere they play and delivering good times to anyone who cares to listen.
Brother Magnum and band deliver one of the best rocking records that should not be lost in obscurity. Like so many other Texas artist that never makes much noise outside their local area they stand above far above most other bands outside of Texas with their professional sound.
If you have a hole that was created when SRV was lost, then Brother Magnum can help fill that void. His sound is his own but has that rocking edge that so many of us love about SRV & DT. Brother Magnum carrying the banner high for modern rock blues music. Listen to the music yourself, and decide. My nomination for blues album of the year.

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