The Rooted Wings


The Rooted Wings

Samantha Hawkins- Vocals/Percussion and John Winters- Guitar/Base/Drums/ Vocals
Though out the history of music female vocalist capture some of the most evocative, emotional and passionate music in the industry. The Rooted Wings blessed with a female singer that has one of those voices that transform into the sound of the genre she is working in. Be it a soulful track or a country romp. With some solid blues, country riffs mixed with some rock and soul the Rooted Wings take flight on song after song. This is easygoing music, laid back with a solid groove moving the songs along like an easy flowing stream.
There is a nice feel to the simple guitar work and the vocal accompaniment, simple yet elegant. The two work very well together vocally, her strong and emotional vocals and his warm familiar sound.
The Rooted Wings are not a band you can place a tag on, know you have to hear them to understand. They have a myriad of influences floating through their music. However, none of those influences comes out as anything but the sound of The Rooted Wings. Tracks like Take On The World show the pure pop side of the band. Tracks like Cowboys and Couture, Skin and Blood show the depth of the band as song writers with subject matter that lyrically grabs your imagination as you listen to the story unfold.
There is never any doubt that The Rooted Wings are a band that you should listen to if you are a fan of easy flowing music with a solid groove, Shelby Lynne is a female purveyor of this style. The grooves reach out and pull you in and without any conscious effort, you find yourself humming along, tapping your foot and maybe singing along. Samantha Hawkins has an inviting tone than many of the popular singers simply do not have today. They may be able to hit note’s that says they are technically better singers but they cannot capture the warmth of emotion that connect most people with music.
We all know the radio/TV/label hype is what sells records, not talent. Rap and hip/hop would never be so popular if talent mattered. Many of the artists at the top of the charts would not sell any more records than the average top independent artist releases which is around twenty thousand units, if they did not have the hype behind them. So spread the word to help The Rooted Wings take flight.
Most importantly go buy the cd or the download. Do what you can do to support the artist.

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