The Driftwood Sailors-Live at the Beach May 30, 2011


The Driftwood Sailors-Live at                                                                       The Beach                 May 30, 2011

Live albums are notoriously some of the worst releases by artist simply because it is so hard to capture that moment of musical magic in a live performance. Generally, many bands cannot pull off good live recordings. Those few classic live albums that sail far above the pack, The Allman Brothers Band Live at the Fillmore East double album being the pinnacle of live albums and set the standard for all that follow or have come before. With the Driftwood Sailors release of Live at the Beach, they prove they belong in the playing field, by delivering a live performance that is rock solid. Amanda Lee Peers is a singer with a natural soulfulness to her voice. Steaming with passion, power and most of all emotion, Amanda is heir apparent to the fill the shoes of Miss Amy Winehouse, their styles are treading the same ground and both have the DNA in their blood to switch between styles of rock, soul, pop, and anything in between. To record live and capture the magic is one of the most difficult things artist try to do and the Driftwood Sailors have done that with ease.

Simply put Amanda Lee Peers is the power behind this band. Her performance stands as the true force of powerful soaring vocals, pushing the band along with guts and soul. She is able to handle all the styles changes with equal success, from pop, to rock to soul this young woman delivers, as does the rest of the Driftwood Sailors by adding their own blend of musical styles to each song. The band captures the groove of each track the way the singer does the vocals.

The Driftwood Sailors are not treading new ground they are digging in the same old ground that has been there since the early years of American music, St. James Infirmary is a classic blues/jazz track from the turn of the century. Sail On is a indeed a power ballad in a more modern style, yet the vocals of Amanda sail down into the anguish of the blues and show the power of her emotion. Even as the ground is a familiar mix of styles each song is a sound collage that defies style genre, Rock, Soul, Blues, Jazz, well simply put it is one of the most powerful artist live releases in some time.

If you do not buy another compact disc this year, make it the Driftwood Sailors Live at the Beach let them take you on a modern day journey down to the roots of American music.


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