Venice Gas House Trolley Burst Open


Venice Gas House Trolley is not your typical rock and roll band; they play a jam, fusion rock style such as Frank Zappa played on Zoot Allures era. Somewhere between Laurie Anderson and Zappa is where Venice Gas House Trolley plies their trade.
The vocalist sounds a bit like Lou Reed or Zappa and has a bit in common with Laurie Anderson and Tom Waits with their spoken word phrasing.
Mixing in lyrics that stir the imagination, much the way Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow, The Torture Never Stops, Sharkey’s Day and What’s He Building In There do to listeners?
The musical mix of styles blends the psychedelic sounds with free form jamming that has a lot in common with jazz as well as jam bands. This blend of sounds draws from the river of classic music of artist that came before them. The music twists and turns into free form psychedelic jam sessions with rock and jazz overtones. The quality of musicianship is excellent and they forge their way through the forest of influences picking up the juiciest bits, including them in the mix like hidden treasures. Because fans know, the quality of musicianship is excellent. The band will have a huge underground following because of their excellent live shows. They also know the artist is more about having a bit of fun instead of taking on the problems of the world.
On track eight the bands takes a more straight rock vocal style and it works well, but with, Shakin’ Her Hips they Continue to explore the realms of Zappa influences that abound in the band and powers the track into a driving number.
A band like Venice Gas House Trolley does not need hype all they need is for the fan to listen to their compact disc or see them live. They put together sounds that change direction as un announced as a driver in Rhode Island. You never know if they are going to go into free form Jazz playing or deliver a hard edge psychedelic jam fusion style that blends all the many different influences of the band. Never knowing what you will hear is one of the great joys of listening to music. Listening to the Venice Gas House Trolley is like riding down new road that has familiar attributes of roads you have traveled in the past, but offers new landmarks and new views of the past. Venice Gas House Trolley delivers a seminal album that will have its place in the record book of time.

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