Bring the Mourning On -Going Going Gone


Going Going Gone

Bring the Mourning On- Going Going Gone    

Let the Battle Begin is the first track on the Bring The Mourning On cd, a wonderful mix of the sounds of Americana with a simple view of life,  haunting sounds of the past drifting through the lyrics of the of songs with its rough edge blues that melds into a gentle flowing rhythm. Vocals with harmonies that feel the weight of the lyrics as they express the pain, letting the emotions bleed into your ears. With the guitar easing the song along with songs such as Battle Begin which has the feel of an old, The Band track with its haunting and mournful sound.

Rise Till Summer has a more folk rock sound but yet bends its way around a path of sound that travels from the simple folk rock the evolves into a full-blown rock track without ever loosing sight of the simple sounds its starts with. Perhaps drawing on late sixties and early

seventies bands by stretching a simple melody into a more harmonic rock track.

I Flunked My Math has an offbeat whimsical feel that celebrates the joy of love in a most unusual way. With its offbeat humor, forties style accompaniment with horns and bit of acoustic guitar lead that is more jazz than rock, the track works wonderfully.

Gone Gone Gone captures a real sadness of broken love as does the Some Things Shouldn’t be Said, the vocalist has a sound in his voice that aches with pain, its aches with loneliness and transports these songs into a realm of artistic accomplishment that is

Real and honest, trusty worthy and touches those who care to listen. Mixed with harmonies that meshes and compliment each and every track and you have a top rate cd that focuses on the simple and uses it as its strength. Such as on the Eye of the Beholder, they use this formula to great effect. The track high lights the harmonies as they soar to a warm and wonderful place that few artist can every hope to reach.

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