Turning you on to new music today that will be a classic tomorrow


Being bold and making bold statements is not something many people are comfortable with, but with music I have no problem making bold statements, specially about up and coming artist.  With radio playing only a very limited number of  artist in their rotation you are missing out on thousands of great artist. I personally never turn on the radio as they play the same music over and over and over and I simply don’t like not hearing new music on a daily basis and with the amount of musical artist today its easy to hear ten new artist everyday.  I know that I am not like most other people so what I will attempt to do is contact artist who I think are worthy of press and introduce them to you via this blog.

I believe that the best artist in the world are never played on the radio.

Before I start I want you to know my musical taste a bit. Having grown up in the sixties I like all kinds of music.

I Will accept submissions by artist in these  genre’s Rock, Rock N’ Roll, Blues, Country and all the various forms,

alt country, americana, roots, bluegrass,  country rock as well as  psychedelic rock, folk rock,southern rock, XXX as well as jazz, soul, R&B, reggae, ska,  Classical,

What I Don’t like and will Not listen to or review is rap/hiphop/neo soul/any style blended with hiphop or rap/dj toasting/mix//techno/industrial/Metal (in all in guises)     hard rock, death metal, progressive metal, any heavy rock, and especially Alternative Rock

If you wish to suggest artist please do make sure they have a release available for sale to the public and of course it falls under the styles I like. I am accepting submissions via hard copy. Digital submissions please contact me.

If you are an artist and wish to submit your material for consideration, please remember I will not return any materials submitted. Contact me via this post.

If you would like to read some of my sample reviews go to http://www.puresouthernrock.com



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    • Hey Matthew,
      I took a listen to the first four tracks all the way through, really liked Drive, skipped through rest of the other tracks, sorry to say other than Drive not my cup of tea.
      But I certainly believe you sound well polished and professional and have agreat quality recording and there is an audience for you.
      Thank you very much for checking out the blog and offering your material for submission. I wish you continued success.
      Please don’t hesitate to contact in the future about this or other projects.

  1. Hey Dean,
    I took a listen to the first three tracks and part of the fourth and a couple of others.
    It is a superb recording and playing, but just as I wrote to a recent post Just not my cup of tea.
    Thank you very much for checking out the blog and offering your material for submission. I wish you continued success.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me in the future about this or other projects.

  2. Hi Vernon,
    Thanks for the listen and prompt reply. I really appreciate all you are doing for independent artists. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Folks, great blog and thanks for your support of Americana music! I’d like to introduce you to the stellar music of Nashville-based (Vancouver, BC-born) recording artist Myk Gordon. Myk’s latest album was produced by multiple Grammy award-winner Steve Berlin (of Los Lobos), and features members of Neko Case, Jakob Dylan, Calexico. We’d love to have your review! There are a few tracks available for streaming on the site to preview, and of course we can send you a CD or a download link.

    Many Thanks!

  4. Hey Vernon!
    I’d like to invite you to take a listen to my new CD if you have a chance. I’d say it fits pretty firmly in the acoustic/songwriter genre, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    It can be streamed from jamesparenti.bandcamp.com, and I’d be happy to send you the hard copy and artwork as well.

    Thanks very much!

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